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Blackmailed Sissy: The Story of Sissy James: Book 1: No Way Out

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he was so embarrassed to take these pictures for Me, bu t I know he was turned on too… he would have to sneakily call or Skype Me when his girlfriend was away. It was a really fun arrangement, knowing that I was his secret, and that his life would be ruined if she should find out. Knowing that he had to do EVERYthing I said, or else…. http://mistresskiarasdungeon.com/cashmistress/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/video-1599325225_x264.mp4 http://mistresskiarasdungeon.com/cashmistress/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/video-1599325225_x264.mp4

dominakiara: I can say “I WANT THIS” to My subbie in the other AIM window and it will arrive within 7-10 business days. and he gave Me his information willingly My sister is 3 years older than me and my mother works long days from 9-7 sometimes, later on when I turned 18 she left the house to me and my sister so she could spend more time with her boyfriend… skipping to 2 years later I was 18 and living with my sister, I was a student and she was working in retail as a sales person (or whatever they do) I found myself coming home from college at around 3 or 4pm and I knew she finished work a 5 with a half an hour drive from home so it gave me time to search her room and run myself a little catwalk from time to time. I am posting your information and screen name so that all the other Mistresses know that you’re a time waster who doesn’t pay. dominakiara: he ALSO takes care of advertising My MySpace, CollarMe, SugarDaddyForMe, Google Alerts, etc. I was around 15 when I started to take my sisters clothes, trying them on here and there without anyone noticing, nothing out of the blue but something I could always stuff in the linen basket if my room was ever cleaned,subliminal80: because it is different to your usual losers, keep you mentally strong and test your skills so that you can use them on others in the future. consider me a training subliminal80: the thought, i admit, does excite me, but really dont think it can be done easily with me if i’m honest Mistress dominakiara: you are not cooperating again. I don’t want to play with you anymore. you are too much trouble and I doubt you will be worth it This is a honeytrap operation and you're a spy who has information the agency wants to know. None of the other usual interrogation methods have worked thus far. Perhaps I can coax the information out of you. I am a female agent known as a "swallow." You have been brought to me as a last resort to tempt you and seduce you into telling Me the codes that we need to know. I am your lifeline at this point in the game. subliminal80: maybe i am not Mistress. it is a fantasy of mine to drink the pee of a readheaded woman i am not worthy

emma has been out of the closet to her mom as a crossdressing sissy for nearly 10 years. she came out at work a few years ago working at the Brunch Apothecary (in Dacula GA) That’s where these pics of him coming out at work dressed as a sissy maid came from: dominakiara: Well, most of My boys give their information willingly in a contract, but I have a few ways to get information out of them as well. Sleeping got difficult, nearly impossible. How did I not know that he had already shared the pictures all over the internet? and let everyone know about my secret? I had to think about how to get out of this, I either needed him to lose it or get something on him.. But the fact that I had to see him nearly 3 days out of the week was a horror, I went to work, did things around the house and kept my head low in case I might trigger anything, I don’t want another repeat of our last… session. Mistress Kiara: That’s it, I’m posting it now, before My break, because you chose to ignore Me, AGAIN. Mistress Kiara: I know I am, that’s why I’m posting your information for the world to see so that THEY know that I’m right.I would sit on my computer on the landing (neither of our rooms were large enough for a desk so we had it on our landing next to the stairs) and I would have the dildo in my ass, sometimes when I would play a game or watch a video I would bounce up and down to push it in and out of my tiny asshole, my sister and Kevin never knew, they just thought I was exited about something, I then realized that the whole notion of being caught was so intoxicating that I had to risk more, because whats reward without a little risk? Years old.. yippe! I work as an apprentice in IT, hours are short so I leave at similar times, 3 or 4 as I start at 7 or 8, my sister moved into more of a sales job and now had a boyfriend of 9 months, he was called Kevin. We never really talked much because we never found a topic we liked, he was a car guy who loved sports and I was a computer geek who loved video games, we were worlds apart from each other, nevertheless we got along just fine we both were nice to each other and would always have respect for each other.

Faithful: no, he told Me that he sleeps with hookers and also steals panties from his girlfriend’s friends to wear & sniff like the freak he is. subliminal80: i like the idea of exploring things i havnt done before and wouldnt normally do in rt range_swivel: dont post any of this chatting got it….but im sorry i never should have messed with u i submit to u ok ..can u please take them off i beg u I went into the shower, getting rid of the makeup and cum from my face, I walked to my room in the towel to find Kevin in my room, on my bed with my collection of dildos and vibrators on the bed in front of him. I groaned “well.. you know about me now.. so what?” I started to get dressed into my clothes as it was getting to the time were my sister would come home “well, I feel like you owe me one” I slammed my draws shut, “what?!” I shouted, “well, as a good friend I am keeping a dire secret which would ruin you if your friends or family found out.. right?” he said with an evil tone, “yes?” I sighed continuing to get changed, “well, I am just saying you do as I say and I will keep your secret” I slipped my T-shirt on and stared at him for any signs this was a joke, it clearly was not “depends on what your ask for, I ain’t doing THAT again!” I said pointing downstairs, Kevin stood up from the bed and waved his phone around me “well, your sister might wanna look at these then” he said sarcastically, had me by the balls. “urgh. fine.” he stepped out of the room and walked downstairs “this is fun!” he shouted. How did things get so bad?http://mistresskiarasdungeon.com/cashmistress/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/emmaexposure.mp4 http://mistresskiarasdungeon.com/cashmistress/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/emmaexposure.mp4

dominakiara: I’ll be honest, I’m really not willing to do any fetish play until you pay. Even though you are a challenge, I am not going to treat you any different financially than any of My other slaves.Changing into my new outfit, and putting my clothes in the large bag Kevin brought I noticed how revealing it was, no crotch or panties of any sort, mostly lacy. I stared into the mirror at this new outfit, although I hated it.. I did look pretty good in it. I came downstairs and began cleaning, for a woman who lives on her own it was pretty unhygienic, stepping into the living room I noticed that Kevin had not only not cleaned anything he had not moved from sitting on the sofa, watching TV. Looks like this was going to be a 1 man job.. after an hour of putting clothes away, scrubbing the floor and cleaning dishes, I sat down after scrubbing the kitchen floor, exhausted. In that moment Kevin walked in eating an apple with his mouth wide open “sho, whacha doin'” pieces of apple flying out of his mouth with every word, “sitting down for a second, why?” I said, stretching my legs and arms, clearly unamused by my excuse Kevin stopped eating and knelt down beside me “you have 30 minutes to clean the rest of the house, or else puppy gets punished” he said, very sinisterly as he pat my on the head, he returned to the sofa and watched TV. partially terrified I continued cleaning, I had finished downstairs, and upstairs was 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, easy! not easy. His mothers bedroom was littered with wrappers and clothes and the bathroom was covered in stains of.. god know what.

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